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Required Use Of New I-9 Form Starting 9-18-17

As a reminder, starting 9-18-17, the version of the Employment Eligibility Verification form, commonly referred to as the I-9 form, with the date 07/17/17 N in the bottom left corner is the only version of the I-9 form which should be used.

To download a copy of the I-9 form click here. To help ensure that the correct version of the I-9 form is used, blank copies of the prior version of the I-9 form should be discarded.

After 9-17-17, the version of the I-9 form with the date 07/17/17 N must be used for verifications of new hires and re-hires, and re-verifications of current employees. Employers should not ask current employees who have a properly completed I-9 form on file to complete the new version of the I-9 form.

For additional background see our post from July 19, 2017.  If you have questions regarding your I-9 form obligations, please contact Jeffrey M. Embleton, Amy L. KullikJames A. Budzik, Ann E. Knuth or Kenneth Smith in our Labor and Employment Group.


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