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Data Breaches: Prepare to Fail, Recover Elegantly

Data breaches. Ransomware. The “dark web.” Today’s cyberspace monsters are enough to give you nightmares during the day.

In response, Mansour Gavin hosted a seminar and panel discussion on cybersecurity on August 11 to answer questions about how best to protect yourself – and your business – from being hacked. Speakers included Ryan MacFarlane, Special Agent of the Cleveland Division of the FBI; John FitzGerald of United Agencies Insurance Group; Michael McCartney of Digits, LLC, a digital forensic services company; and Mansour Gavin attorney Ed Patton.

The group emphasized the importance of password selection, two-factor authentication, external e-mail tagging, and especially, employee awareness training – as approximately 75 percent of breaches occur because of an employee’s unintentional action. Panelists also strongly encouraged companies to develop or re-visit their cyber policies to ensure they are up-to-date, as security issues are now prevalent in every industry. As McCartney put it, “It’s no longer an ‘if’ but a ‘when.’”

For any legal questions concerning cyber policies or breach notification requirements, please contact Ed Patton at 216-523-1500. And if you were unable make this discussion, please stay tuned – an update on cybersecurity trends is one of several seminar topics planned for Mansour Gavin’s seminar series in 2018.