Practice Areas

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Although we have a record of courtroom successes, we also recognize that more than 95% of all civil cases today settle before trial. Increasingly, it is recognized that Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), particularly at an early enough stage of the dispute, can save parties significant expense and bring certainty to an otherwise risky process.

Mansour Gavin’s ADR group offers mediation, arbitration, and neutral evaluation services to lawyers, litigants, courts, and companies seeking to help parties resolve simple or complex disputes. The lawyers in our ADR group represent over a century of collective litigation experience in all matters of pre and post-litigation civil disputes including business breakups and buy-sell claims, employment and discrimination issues, personal injury and product liability claims, real estate and zoning disputes, fiduciary, probate and trust claims and a wide variety of other civil disputes. Our lawyers evaluate the most effective strategies for the parties with the goal of reaching the best outcome while minimizing the costs, time, and stress of any legal matter.

We work with the parties and their lawyers pre-litigation or post filing to assist in mediating issues, evaluating claims, before they reach expensive and time-consuming litigation. Additionally, we provide services as traditional neutral arbitrators in private party claims and serve as either court appointed or private party mediators in cases pending before courts or regulatory bodies. We also assist businesses in preparing organizational procedures and guidelines on using arbitration and mediation to settle internal business disputes.