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In Loving Memory of Ernest P. Mansour

Ernest P. Mansour: 1931-2022

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our co-founder, mentor, and dear friend, Ernest P. Mansour or “Ernie” as we all knew him.

Ernie was born and raised in Cleveland and was the younger of two children of Lebanese immigrants. He attended Saint Ignatius High School and then Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA, where he met his wife. Ernie earned his law degree from Western Reserve University and befriended his future partner, Michael Gavin. Ernie and Mike joined forces in 1971 and formed what is today the Mansour Gavin firm.

When asked why he decided to become a lawyer, Ernie said that growing up, it was engrained in him by his parents that he was either going to be a doctor or a lawyer. At the time, doctors still made house calls and going to someone’s bedside in the middle of the night didn’t appeal to him. Mansour stated, “my vision of a being lawyer was sitting behind a desk, putting my feet up, and answering the phone and so I decided to become a lawyer.” Ironically, for the next 60 plus years, Ernie never sat behind a desk with his feet up on it. In fact, only now has Ernie truly slowed down.

Ernie was married to his surviving wife Lois for 66 years. Ernie and Lois’ fondest memories were the times spent with their seven children and 14 grandchildren: Lorraine A. Houston (son-in-law Robert, grandchildren Ross, Reed, and Neal), Mark E. Mansour (daughter-in-law Susan, grandchildren Erin and Kyle), Carol E. Anton (son-in-law Arthur, grandchildren Brett, Brian, Paige, and Eric), Robert G. Mansour (grandchildren Jessica, John, and Evan), Laura T. Mansour, Thomas M. Mansour (daughter-in-law Caroline, grandchildren Emma and Burke), and Drew S. Mansour.

“Ernie was a pillar of the Cleveland community through his work and his philanthropy,” said Mansour Gavin President Tony Coyne. “On behalf of the Mansour Gavin family, we extend our deepest condolences to his family, his friends, and those he touched through contributions to the legal community throughout his lifetime. Ernie was a great friend of mine. His commitment to this firm and his guiding values will forever be remembered.”

Ernie built a longstanding law firm built on trust and friendship, where clients and employees feel like family. Ernie was known in the highest levels of Cleveland’s business community for his sound advice, fierce representation, and intense dedication to his clients. He traveled the globe representing clients’ interests and in complex litigation. But what set Ernie apart was his loyalty to his friends, many of whom were his clients, and his unwavering support for any matter, big or small. Ernie was always the first to reach out when help was needed or to simply give an ear when the need arose. He enjoyed the practice of law for more than 60 years and he truly loved helping people. Even years after he stopped practicing law, Ernie was still usually the first one to arrive at the office, turning the lights on each morning. There is no doubt that the legacy Ernie Mansour created is far reaching and endures in the conduct of past and present attorneys of Mansour Gavin. His story demonstrates a valuable principle—the success and reputation of one is dependent on the success and reputation of all. We will all miss Ernie’s presence at the office each morning.

Mansour’s legacy will live on through family, friends, and the law firm he built and loved.

You can read Mr. Mansour’s obituary here.