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Mansour Gavin Attorneys Secure Recent Trial Wins


As the saying goes, “Three strikes and you’re out” or “Good things come in threes.” In Mansour Gavin’s case, it certainly has been the latter. Recently, Mansour Gavin attorneys have secured trial victories in the following matters:

  • David Hildebrandt and Ann Knuth successfully defended a northeast Ohio tech company against a claim of bankruptcy discrimination. The former executive plaintiff claimed that his employment was terminated solely on account of his having filed bankruptcy prior to his employment with Mansour Gavin’s client. The defense was able to show that there were several reasons for the termination decision, including undocumented performance issues. The jury returned a unanimous defense verdict in favor of Mansour Gavin’s client after less than one hour of deliberations.
  • Tim Reid and Michael Quinlan recently obtained a defense verdict for a client on a claim of excessive force and assault and battery, where a defendant corrections officer’s restraint of a pretrial detainee resulted in a fractured hip which required hip replacement surgery.  The claim arose in 2011 against a county detention facility.  Although factual claims prevented summary judgment dismissal, at trial our attorneys were able to utilize modern document production and video to demonstrate weaknesses in the plaintiff’s claims, and were able to successfully bar plaintiff excessive force expert from testifying following a Daubert challenge.  This was the fourth successful defense of this same client in the past year, as three other civil rights cases against the same county were dismissed on summary judgment. Mansour Gavin was also successful in receiving an award of attorney fees for the same defendant in a civil rights claim.
  • Edward Patton, with assistance from Miles Welo, successfully defended a client against claims of civil recovery for a criminal act, RICO, civil conspiracy, fraud, conversion, and unjust enrichment. The claims arose in 2011 when a public school employee was accused of defrauding a local school district out of a large sum of money. From the onset of litigation, the facts showed that it was highly unlikely our client was involved with the supposed fraud. However, a complaint was still filed, and out of more than 25 named defendants, our attorneys successfully represented the only defendant to go to trial. Mansour Gavin presented a fact-based defense that established the local school district proceeded to trial without sufficient evidence to prove its claims.


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