Corporate and Business Law Services:


Whether you currently own a franchise or are considering venturing into the world of franchising, understanding how state and federal laws protect franchisees is critical to making informed decisions and mitigating your risk. Mansour Gavin’s experienced attorneys provide legal services to franchisees as well as to franchisors. Having experience representing franchisor and franchisees in various industries, we assist clients in figuring out the best way to structure a transaction.

We advise franchisees on the choice of the entity, help starting a new franchising entity, and provide continuing legal support to the business operation after the purchase. We review and draft franchise agreements, conduct due diligence, lead negotiations, assist with financing, provide legal help with leasing or real estate acquisition, and advise on other aspects of the franchise purchase or sale.

We advise clients on federal and state local compliance, registrations, intellectual property, trade secret and other requirements of franchising such as:

–  Draft and review the terms of Franchise Disclosure Documents and franchise agreements
–  Advise on franchisees’ rights under the pertinent state and federal laws
–  Assist with due diligence and negotiations throughout the franchise sale and purchase process
–  Providing industry insights based upon our experience representing various franchises

Franchise owners have a responsibility to follow the terms of any franchise agreements as well as federal and state laws and regulations. Owners must determine how to remain in legal compliance. Our seasoned franchise attorneys will help you understand and meet your legal obligations and handle any disputes that may arise in the franchising world.