Labor and Employment Services:

Employment Agreements & Restrictive Covenants

Clear and comprehensive employment agreements are a critical component of managing your workforce and retaining employees.  We work with our clients to ensure that their employment agreements provide clarity regarding rights, obligations and protections of both the company and employee, and help them identify employees that should be considered for such an agreement.

In the event of litigation over the terms of an employment agreement, we both prosecute breaches of agreement terms and defend our clients and their employees in actions alleging violations.

As part of an employment agreement, companies need to know that their confidential and proprietary business information and trade secrets are protected.

Our team regularly advises clients regarding best practices to protect these interests, including drafting and enforcing employment agreements containing restrictive covenants that are compliant with the varied laws of each state.

We work with our clients to navigate and remedy breaches of these agreements that relate to violations of restrictive covenants for non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure, as well as enforcement of trade secret protections under state and federal law.

When breaches occur, our skilled litigators protect our clients interests and aggressively defend our clients’ protection of confidential business information and trade secrets.