Labor and Employment Services:

HR Audits

Do you ever wonder if your company’s HR department is “doing it right?” We can help. Our comprehensive HR audit covers everything that happens during the life cycle of employment from hiring practices, wage and hour compliance, pay equity, through the termination process.  Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind that they are running a healthy and legally compliant workplace.

Often, audits reveal findings that need to be remedied. Our attorneys can help you put together a comprehensive remediation program that addresses issues before they become legal claims and protects your company in the process. We work with your HR team to create a plan to implement change and work with your communications team to effectively communicate any changes with your employees.

Following an audit, there are often operational changes that need to be implemented and we can work with your organization’s leaders to design a plan to address areas of operational deficiencies whether it’s with respect to hiring, compensation or termination.