Labor and Employment Services:

Leadership Training

Our employment law attorneys regularly provide leadership training to human resources representatives and management teams regarding various HR topics in order to help companies avoid liability and minimize risk. If managers are not aware of their potential to create liability on behalf of your company, they put your company at risk. In addition to the potential for strict liability for your company, many federal laws create the potential for personal liability on behalf of the manager for their legal missteps. Even in daily interactions, managers can unwittingly create a risk of legal liability if they are not aware of the law impacting their day-to-day decisions.

We have trained hundreds of leaders throughout Northeast Ohio and nationwide. We train on topics such as Interviewing and Hiring, Discrimination and Harassment, Investigations, Family and Medical Leave Act, ADA Accommodation Obligations, Performance Management, Termination Considerations and Union Avoidance.

Our training programs, which can be in person or virtual, are tailored for your company to meet your specific needs through a review of your policies and procedures to ensure compliance with federal state and local laws and through an understanding of your company’s business objectives and legal needs.