Labor and Employment Services:

Workplace Health and Safety

All employers are required to provide a workplace that is free from hazards and safe for employees.  Along with that requirement comes reporting and recordkeeping obligations under both state and federal law.

Do you know your rights as an employer when OSHA shows up at your door? Let our experienced attorneys guide you through the OSHA process start to finish.  Our attorneys can partner with your company through the entire OSHA process.  Upon receipt of a notification of the alleged hazards or arrival of an investigator onsite for an unannounced inspection, you have a right to legal counsel to guide you through the process.  We regularly attend onsite inspections, walking side by side with the investigator.   If an investigation results in proposed citations, we can work with your organization to contest or resolve the claimed violations.  We partner with several environmental, health and safety agencies and experts to facilitate proactive health and safety audits as well as help with potential hazards that need to be corrected.

Employers should not weather these challenges alone.  Our experienced team of attorneys can work with you to eliminate risk and mitigate potential liability for health and safety compliance issues.